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Roblox community creates games inspired by tragic OceanGate submersible accident – Hindustan Times

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The OceanGate submersible accident, a tragic event resulting in the loss of five lives, has sparked controversy in the Roblox community.
Known for its creative tools and diverse game offerings, Roblox has seen some users developing titles inspired by real-life tragedies, including the recent submersible crash.
The Titan, a submersible owned by OceanGate, collided while descending to explore the wreckage of the Titanic, leading to the unfortunate demise of all five passengers on board.
The incident gained attention within gaming circles due to the submersible’s use of a Logitech videogame controller for navigation.
Few Roblox creators have capitalized on the popularity of the tragic accident by developing games inspired by it, sparking controversy and criticism.
Two such titles have emerged: “Titanic Submarine Simulator” and “Escape The Evil Submarine Obby.” Both games revolve around survival in a crashed submersible resembling the one involved in the accident. The reaction to these games has been largely negative, with many accusing Roblox players of exploiting unsavory trends for attention.
While some players expressed no surprise, as similar games based on tragedies have been created within the Roblox community before, the prevailing sentiment remains one of disapproval.
Interestingly, this trend coincided with a broader focus on submarines around the world.
The disappearance of the Titanic submersible even caused a spike in sales for an obscure indie game called “Iron Lung.” This eerie horror game immerses players in a claustrophobic underwater setting as they navigate an alien moon’s ocean of blood.
The creator of “Iron Lung,” David Szymanski, expressed unease at the game’s increased sales during such a tragic event, feeling it was inappropriate.
Roblox boasts a powerful game creation engine, and the swift development of these titles reflects its versatility. Games made using Roblox’s tools span various genres, including action-adventure, racing, and first-person shooter games. Hopefully, the Roblox community will direct its creativity toward less tragic real-life inspirations in the future, fostering a more positive and responsible environment for game development.
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Roblox has the potential to generate an array of engaging and imaginative games without resorting to exploitative or controversial themes. It is crucial for creators and the community as a whole to uphold ethical standards and choose inspirations that promote inclusivity, fun, and respect.