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Valorant servers will be taken down from 06:00 PDT in preparation for patch 5.03 and Chamber nerfs – Sportskeeda

Valorant patch 5.03 will be a rather big one, as Riot Games is looking to introduce a considerable number of changes to the shooter this time around.
The patch will be dropping sometime later today, August 9, 2022, and will be introducing a fair bit of Agent balance updates along with the expected Reaver 2 bundle. This is why the servers will be taken down temporarily across all major regions as is stated on the shooter’s official Server Status page.
One of the biggest highlights of the patch will be the nerfs that Chamber is set to receive for his kit, which will look to tone him down considerably in the Episode 5 meta. The Agent has had one of the highest pick-and-win rates in Valorant for a couple of weeks now in both pro-play and standard matchmaking.
He has been incredibly difficult to deal with, and fortunately, Riot games will be looking to tone him down considerably in today’s update.
Chamber had received a fair bit of nerfs to his kit in the Valorant PBE server a couple of weeks ago. While the changes made in the test server may not reflect entirely in the official update, it is expected that a good chunk of them will make it to patch 5.03.
Riot Games have mentioned the downtime and maintenance schedule for Valorant servers across all major regions. Surprisingly, this time round, the servers will go down a bit later than usual.
There will be approximately a four-hour delay for all regions, and according to the official Server Status website, the shooter’s client will go offline at the following times:
Riot Games have also mentioned that the servers for each of the regions will be down for approximately four hours with the patch finally getting deployed then.
Servers are expected to come back on:
It’s important to note here that while the maintenance is expected to last for four hours, the downtime can be extended based on the issues that the developers might be facing.
In the worst case scenario, players will have to wait a couple of hours longer before they can enter Valorant once again.
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