Google has announced the availability of a new XE8 update for its Android powered wearable glasses that adds many new features, including more Google Now cards, controls for video playback, voice commands to third-party apps and support for hashtags. The news is obviously reserved for developers who have a preliminary (developer) version of the Google Glass. However, users will not have to wait for long to get their hands on this revolutionary wearable gadget. In fact, the availability for the general public is planned for later this year.

The XE8 update allows you to playback a video with a tap/touch on the area of frame, or to jump to a specific point using a swipe forward or backward. Users Path and EverNote are now able to publish updates using the new voice commands: “ok glass, post an update” for Path and “ok glass, take a note” to EverNote. Other new features include voice commands related to navigation. You can now ask item to show or hide the path and blocking an indication of the directions.

Google Glass Hashtag

An interesting feature that allows you to add a description to your photos and videos before sharing, saying the phrase “ok glass, add caption,” or a hashtag. The Google Glass automatically adds the hashtag #throughglass to the descriptions. With the XE8 update voice commands have become more fluid. The user can speak normally, without pausing. Also, support for SMS has improved: Messages sent using an Android smartphone are also shown on the timeline.

Google Glass XE8 Update

The update adds new Google Now cards capabilities to the Glass. If the cards are activated, a Gmail reminder will remind you to book a hotel or a restaurant, and the approaching date of a concert, for which you have purchased a ticket. Another card will display the titles and movies showtimes that are being played in theaters nearby. The wearer will also get notifications for nearby emergencies, and Google public alerts will now appear in the timeline based on proximity to the emergency.