LinkedIn, the social network dedicated mainly for professional users, has announced the opening of a new section: University Pages. It will help high school students to choose the university that suits best their skills and ambitions. The University Pages have been aimed to provide useful advices through the information published by teachers, parents and students (current and former). At the same time, starting from September 12, the access will be allowed even to LinkedIn users with a minimum age of 13 years.

In a similar manner to Facebook pages, LinkedIn’s University Pages can be opened to advertise their educational provision by individual universities as usually happens during organized meetings in the real world. However, the difference consists in the way in which information is provided. In this case, the community is not made ​​up only of executives and professors, but also from students and alumni who have embarked on successful careers, thanks to the expertise acquired over the years of study.


In addition to describing the university offer and teaching-style, the University Pages also publish news updates on events and activities. The high school students can ask questions and get answers directly by teachers and students. To evaluate the quality of the lessons you can contact former students who have followed different career paths, after their graduation. The University Pages also allow you to track down former classmates or look for the future classmate.

Currently more than 200 universities have opened their pages on LinkedIn. In the coming weeks, it is supposed to be activated thousands of University Pages. The new section of the social network is also an opportunity for employers who may seek and possibly take the best students.