Yahoo has beaten Google as the most visited website in the United States. In July, Yahoo has received 197 million monthly unique visitors in the US, chopping the historic rival Google by 5 million visitors approximately. However, the results exclude search and mobile web traffic, but it is still a breakthrough as the company was considered done by many.

This hadn’t happened since May 2011 (but it was a simple fluctuation), although Google reigned supreme in April 2008. The data published by ComScore says the rise of the California-based company is imminent since the gearshifts have passed into the hands of CEO Marissa Meyer, the most prominent woman in Silicon Valley.

ComScore Yahoo exceeds

Since the former first lady has moved from Google to Yahoo, the company has started to regain its fate, which is seemed scored after years of red ink and wrong strategies. The numbers speak for themselves: the California Company is in the first place for visitors with the special focus of the company’s analysis regarding the advertising area.

In the ranking of ComScore Yahoo exceeds Google with the exclusion of Tumblr, which is still considered as the external site and saved 28th place with 38 million visitors.

Over past 14 months, Marissa Meyer restarted the machine with no precise choices: the acquisition of startup and skills, the release of new products with original strategies, the bold acquisition of Tumblr, the ambitious interest in the video market, and the relaunch of Flickr.


  1. “In the US.” and “Worldwide” are two very different things
    Google still tops overall
    Still, this huge turnaround is very unusual to me, the only people I know who use Yahoo still just use it to find Google (they are mostly old people who don’t know how to use the URL bar or change the homepage) and since malware and ad-programs seem to want to turn your homepage to Yahoo, it still seems like bunch of shady tactics to me

  2. How many more unique visitors Google can get since almost everyone on the USA has visited Google sites long time ago? Of course for Yahoo it is a great news.

  3. How is this newsworthy, and not a PR piece for Yahoo? Saying you get more visits than Google, but leaving out mobile and search(!) is ridiculous. Its like announcing that you sold more bicycles than Ford. Puhlease.


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