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Apple iPhone 5S release date, A7 chips and specs, and new colors


With just 2 weeks to go for the Apple’s special media event on September 10, we are extremely excited about the way the event will be shaping up! Apple is expected to unveil two new iPhones: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and of course iOS 7.

Apple iPhone 5S will be the high-end smartphone replacing the iPhone 5 and aesthetically identical to its predecessor. While a modest smartphone made of polycarbonate iPhone 5C would be intended to launch to attack the Android competition especially on the emerging Asian markets.

iPhone 5S: A7 processor and specs

According to Clayton Morris of Fox News sharing an update on Twitter, Apple iPhone 5S will be running A7 processor, which is 31% faster than A6 processor of the iPhone 5. Hence, the new iPhone will be more powerful and fluid.

While other rumors circulated in recent days claiming Apple is testing some prototype chips based on A7 and 64 bit architecture, which could potentially allow the smartphone to handle animated graphics as well as provide better performance per watt. However, this type of 64-bit processors could not find space in the iPhone 5S. The availability of such technology hasn’t matured yet, but certainly could arrive on the market only in 2014, with A8 chips.


The rumor mill has been churning about iPhone 5S, which could come with a separate chip, dedicated to motion tracking —  a feature that would allow the device to follow the gestures of the user without touching the screen physically. Therefore, the Cupertino House could add a feature similar to Samsung Galaxy S4, which allows users to perform a series of actions by eyes movements and facial expressions. Finally, we can now talk about an upgrade for the rear camera, but the specifications aren’t known yet.

Thus, the next smartphone in the iPhone range would have significant improvements in terms of hardware configuration, to compete with other high-end smartphones manufactured by Samsung, HTC and LG.

iPhone 5S and 5C on sale from September 20?

Apple iPhone 5S and 5C are expected to hit store shelves on September 20, according to Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo. At the same time, the buyers would able to get their hands on the next-gen of iPhones.

The rumor is coming indirectly from the possible plans of Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo, the largest carrier in the nation. The company is in talks with Apple for the availability of iPhone 5C and 5S, and there are some insurmountable problems in terms of timing. So Kazuto Tsubouchi, vice president of the company says in an interview with local media, “It would be difficult to start sales on the 10th. […] DoCoMo is ready, but the timing is a problem.”

At the same time, he has mentioned the availability for the general public, after 10 days on September 20 at least for the high-end smartphone 5S, which will immediately follow the version 5C.

The rumor had already emerged on the internet in past weeks, but the whole couldn’t be taken yet as a confirmation of Cupertino plans. Now the predictive and reliable Tsubouchi’s words have given certainty. In addition, the price of the two devices is still cloaked in mystery: iPhone 5S could be priced at the same rates of the iPhone 5 while iPhone 5C shows a very wide range of possibilities, from $350 up to $490.

iPhone 5S: some unusual colors?

There have already been rumors proposing a golden variant of iPhone 5S that will not be an iPhone in gold in reality, rather it will be only a matter of color, a symbolic reminder: “champagne” color, pale yellow on a shiny surface. In fact, the body would be made of anodized aluminum.

After the emergence of a gold version of the new iPhone, let’s talk about the new color of iPhone 5S. The golden model may not be the only one ready to make his triumphal entry on the market. A new leak has indeed revealed the existence of an iPhone 5S in graphite color. However, the authenticity of the photograph is still skeptical.

According to 9to5Mac, the gray version of the iPhone 5S may have been created in Photoshop: just add a layer to the dark translucent white version of the iPhone 5 to get the desired result. Otherwise, it could be a device rejected by Apple during the test, or one of the many clones of iPhone from China.

Well! It is difficult to know Apple’s agenda in real as the Cupertino Company has still not confirmed anything. However, if so, we will witness the birth of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10 at a media event.

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