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Apple iOS 7 coming on September 10


The next September 10th, the much rumored date for the launch of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, will also be the arrival of the much awaited iOS 7 on the market.

To confirm this, there are no rumors or risky predictions of experts and analysts, but an email sent to NDEV developers has confirmed the news and quickly posted online.

Dear NDEV Developer,

As you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA will be released on September 10th. The NDEV Program has pre-qualified that Speech Kit 1.4.5 works properly on iOS 7, but we encourage you to conduct your own testing to ensure that when the upgrade happens, your Nuance speech services continue to work seamlessly. Please report any difficulties you experience via our support page.

The NDEV Mobile Team

In the message, the company specializes in voice recognition and invites developers to test the new SpeechKit 1.4.5 before the official release of iOS 7, which will be releasing on September 10.

iOS 7 is the new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices. Developed by Jonathan Ive after the dismissal of Scott Forstall, the software has been through a complete redesign on the notes of minimalist pastel colors, opposing the previous aesthetic characteristics.


The interface is completely re-focusing on the user attention. In order to avoid detraction from contents, the menu, keyboards, buttons and contextual functions have been made semi-transparent. Furthermore, the GUI adopts a parallax design — able to sense the 3D depth, and follows the movements of the face of the user. Other new features include Siri, with different languages and the introduction of a male voice, reminders, the Notification Center, multitasking and much more.

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