Nokia is preparing to launch its first 10.1-inch tablet based on the Windows RT (codebase 8.1). Sources close to the Finnish company has just unveiled to The Verge that such a device codenamed “Sirius” will be introduced in the market soon.

Aesthetically, the tablet should be quite similar to Lumia smartphones, thinner and lighter than iPad (about 450 grams in total) and will flaunt an elegant colored shell. The retail price would be similar to the Apple iPad tablet. In addition, Nokia would also intend to distribute a keyboard that includes a battery, designed to offer a range of additional use. Other auxiliaries will be available on the debut of the device.

Nokia Windows Tablet

Recently emerged rumors also reveal the technical equipment that will characterize the Nokia tablet. The specs include a 10.1-inch screen with full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which will be easily readable even outdoors under direct sunlight. The integrated processor would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 supported by 2GB of RAM, and a slot for microSD cards (up to 32GB), a micro-USB port, a micro-HDMI connector and a battery capable of ensuring autonomy up to 10 hours. Two cameras in each room, a 2-megapixel front and rear with a 6-megapixel sensor.

In design, the device won’t be too different from the Lumia lineup that has gained a lot of success in the smartphone industry. Now Nokia is also expected to enter into short-segment to compete with the iPad, Samsung solutions and those of other Android manufacturers. The Finnish company is expected to unveil the tablet on September 26 in New York.

Furthermore, Nokia has also planned to announce a Lumia smartphone with 6-inch display codenamed “Bandit,” and according to @evleaks, the Bandit phablet will be called Lumia 1520 that can arrive later this year.