Xbox One could come to the market one week before the rival PlayStation 4. As per reports, Microsoft might release its new gaming console on November 8 in the United States. However, the Redmond giant hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but claims to have learned from a source who works closely with Walmart.

As the document reads some new product launches are designated as confirmed while the release date of the Xbox One hasn’t confirmed yet, which suggests that the retailer would still be waiting for a final approval from Microsoft. As already announced during E3 2013 in Los Angeles, the console would cost for $499.


At the recent Gamescom in Cologne, Sony confirmed that the PS4 would be available starting from November 15 in the United States, and November 29 in Europe (and other markets such as Australia) while Microsoft didn’t make any announcement regarding its new console, except it could appear in November 2013.

According to numerous rumors, Microsoft would choose to leave the field open temporarily to rival Sony to surprise everyone. In fact, Microsoft would have planned to make available the Xbox One before the PS4, to attract those potential users interested in the next-gen platform from day one.

What is certain is that the Xbox One will arrive in November in 13 markets while the arrival for other eight regions (which include Sweden and Russia) has been postponed to 2014.