The two Surface tablets, announced in late October along with Windows 8, have not been very successful among consumers. The model based on Windows RT, in particular, has caused a loss of $900 million. However, it seems that the price reduction was the right decision. According to data published by AdDuplex, its prevalence has increased over the past four months.

AdDuplex usually makes monthly reports on Windows Phone and very less frequent analysis of Windows 8, due to the large number of devices on the market. Compared with data collected in April from Modern apps, those on the Windows Store using its SDK to show ads, the company has noticed a greater spread of Surface RT. The tablet leads ranking with a rate of 9.5%, gaining +3.3% compared to four months ago. The reason of this growth would be attributable to the discount of $150 on initial retail price and other offers announced in course of Microsoft events.

adduplex report surface tablet

The Surface Pro has also gained the adoption rate, albeit with a rate of 1%. The tablet with Windows 8 Pro now sits on seventh position. In fact, sales of this model are larger than Surface RT. However, the figures published by AdDuplex take into account only Modern apps, and very less use of desktop applications. These results have allowed Microsoft to climb to the third position among the manufacturers with 10.5%. In head, HP remains always at top (21.2%), followed by Dell (11.7%).

Among more than 10,000 scanned devices, AdDuplex has detected two new Surface, identified with the names Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface with Windows 8.1 Pro. The first is undoubtedly the Surface RT 2 while the latter might be Surface Pro 2. This report has also revealed the presence of different variants of Nokia tablet, known by the codename “Sirius.”