Apple is going to launch the new iPhone 5S and has winked users by offering new colors, including the gold “champagne” one. However, the new color shade doesn’t seem to solve one of the major problems of the predecessor iPhone 5, or whose shell is prone to scratches with ease. The experts at Jailbreaknation wanted to submit and severe a scratch test on a champagne shell of the iPhone 5S, and the result, not surprisingly, is pitiful.

Buyers of iPhone 5 are already aware, and particularly who owns a device in black. Subject to normal wear and tear, the smartphone is easily scratched so that the anodized layer flakes showing the below raw aluminum. The making process of metal body is not so changed in iPhone 5S as shown in the video.

The body was first subjected to the action of a dime – an eventuality very frequent among consumers, especially when the smartphone is kept in pockets and handbags – and then a knife, the latter to simulate more complex trauma for the iPhone.

The coin effects reduced, but still visible, on the durability of the body: the area under stress becomes darker, which signs how the anodized layer has been affected. Then a knife, as expected, it plows the shell as a real incision.

Consequently, even iPhone 5S users will have use film and cover of every shape and size. It’s a real shame as iPhone is still not tough enough.

Waiting for iPhone 5S consumers, it’s only remains to find out in what condition these devices will come from Chinese factories. Last year, the first round of deliveries has revealed a large number of scratched iPhones. Who knows that will not happen again in September contingency.