Apple iOS is still first choice with the highest priority for apps development by the mobile developers in the United States and Europe.

These are the findings from a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, which interviewed 1,600 developers from North America and Europe. Therefore, Apple’s iOS platform is now a mandatory step for those who develop applications dedicated to mobile devices — a top priority since it allows you to spread an app on a large scale.

35% of developers use iPhone as the primary device on which they build a new application while 27% chose Android. However, it should be noted that the green robot is reducing the gap with the rival iOS comparing with last year stats (published by Flurry). In fact, last year every seven new apps made for Android where ten were developed for iOS instead.

OS Stats Forrester Research

Android may affect more and more developers in the near future, but at the moment iOS App Store is the first marketplace, which you must consider when you want to launch a new application. In general, the developers prefer to choose iOS platform because Apple offers better monetization possibilities while Android development typically requires more resources because of the high levels of diversity that exists. In other words, when developing a new app there are too many version of Android on the market to take into consideration, as well as too many smartphones and tablets based on the operating system that have a larger or smaller display. Hence, to make an app compatible with all of these factors requires a greater number of resources.

As for other platforms, Windows Phone was the first choice for a developer out of ten, although the tablets based on Windows RT are largely ignored. While BlackBerry ranks among the top priorities for less than 10% of developers.