A year ago, Google quietly acquired Wimm Labs, a corporation that deals with an Android Smartwatch that is now reportedly helping Mountain View group and offering talent needed to build a Smartwatch based on Android.

Wimm Labs is known for the Wimm One, one of the first Android powered Smartwatch, alongside a development platform dedicated to wearable displays, based on green robot. After few months, it disappeared and the website of Wimm Labs was suddenly taken down, the Twitter account was also disappeared, and sales of Wimm One were blocked. Then it was assumed that this happened because of an acquisition by Apple, and now GigaOM has just learned that actually Google has acquired Wimm Labs strategically.

At Google, employees of Wimm Labs are working with the Android team since the company has not only created one of the first Smartwatch with a (limited) number of applications, but also launched its own program for developers, which allows third parties to build apps, which is also known as “micro apps” that provide additional functionality to the clock without connecting to a smartphone.

However, the app store is still accessible on the Web – that could help Google to get hit with a wearable device. In fact, Google seems to know a better way to win over consumers by making them interested in one Smartwatch with the ability of Wimm One to provide such type of functionality.

In a few days, Samsung will unveil its first Smartwatch Galaxy Gear in Berlin while the Mountain View group is reported to be already working on a competing project with this acquisition. Apple is also developing a clock called iWatch, and we indeed will be seeing a new segment of wearable devices in coming months.