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Facebook revamps News Feed – Time for Change once again


Facebook has changed the look and feel of its News Feed system. As a move to improve design, usability and provide a better experience to its users, the company has once again targeted the visual aspect of one of its most important services – News feed.

Facebook has introduced a major revamp of its News Feed design. The News feed will now consist of bigger pictures and maps, smoother navigation, and new filters to slice and dice News Feed items. This new design is said to appeal to Facebook users of all age groups and has focused on presenting data in a way that is very normal for people.

[one_half]Mark Zuckerberg describes Facebook’s News Feed goal as trying to deliver “the best personalized newspaper” to everyone in the world.[/one_half]”The best personalized newspaper should be intricate, rich, and engaging,” he said. So be sure to check out this new ‘news feed’ which is supposed to be your ‘personalized newspaper.’


Most of the users who use services like Facebook and Google etc. on the internet are comfortable with a basic design, look and feel through which they can easily understand and interpret the information that has been provided to them. In spite of this, major social networks like Google and Facebook continue to make major changes to the design, layout and presentation system. Change is not always good and we can clearly see this fact in the reaction that users have had when a new design for Facebook or Google is not appreciated. Many a times, ‘change’ has been made only as a habit – not for improvement!

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