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6-inch Apple iPhone prototypes being tested


Apple is already working on the next generation of the iPhone with a bigger screen; despite of upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C that will be equipped with the classic 4-inch display, according to close sources of WSJ.

Apple has always been reluctant to produce smartphones with massive diagonal screen. Now, Apple is gearing up to go against the current Android competition whose strength is big-screen phablet devices. According to reports, Californians laboratory is circulating several prototypes of the iPhone, with sizes ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches.

Apple usually creates dozens of prototypes that never see the light on the market, but it is said that a 6-inch iPhone really makes its appearance in the hands of consumers. According to Asian manufacturers, it seems that the Cupertino group has expressed its interest in 4.8 inches form factor, although no order seems to have been made between the manufacturing partners. In addition, Apple would like to solve some performance issues before adopting the fashion of bulky devices.

During the investor conference last April, the CEO Tim Cook unveiled that Apple would not be selling the smartphone with large display until they fixed some issues like battery life, graphics performance, and longevity of the LCD panel. Then, it is worth to wait for some time and resolve these problems before embarking on a redesign.

In addition, Cook didn’t mention that a 6-inch iPhone would strongly undermine because of the iPad Mini. If it happens then the both the iPhone and iPad Min would become practically the same and consumers would favor a smartphone over a tablet because of the calling features.

However, it will take several months before more substantial rumors emerge about the phablet of Cupertino, in the meantime we have to wait for the surprises of the special event next Tuesday.

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