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Photos From the Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon – The New York Times


Michael Roston and May 16, 2022
Blood moon. Flower moon. Total eclipse. Whatever you called it, Earth’s shadow draped over the moon Sunday, a reminder our world is one of many in harmony with other heavenly bodies. Look back at lunar eclipse photos from around the world →
The eclipse was a good excuse for a gathering in Caracas, Venezuela.
A bite out of the moon seen in Skopje, North Macedonia.
One astronomer estimated 2.7 billion people had a chance to see Sunday’s eclipse, including viewers in Dresden, Germany.
In La Paz, Bolivia. No special viewing equipment is needed to take in a lunar eclipse. Just look up.
The coppery, reddish hue caused by an eclipse leads to the name blood moon, seen here in Temple City, Calif.
There’s a lot more sky to see out there, especially in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
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