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Apple iPhone 5 16GB model will survive while iPhone 4S to retire completely


According to many analysts, the current iPhone 5 would be withdrawn from the market to make room for mid-priced version of colored poly-carbonate iPhone 5C, but the inventories of Vodafone Germany have come up with updates that iPhone 5 will survive later on, but 16 GB version only.

With the arrival of a new model, Apple usually doesn’t withdraw the predecessor from the list of latest iPhone, but offers it at a reduced price to mark attendance of iOS smartphones on the market. At present, Apple is selling iPhone 4S alongside the iPhone 5.

According to the rumors, this time, the Cupertino could decide to change their strategies to prevent sales of the iPhone 5 to make room for the much more modest iPhone 5C. At the same time, a German site Flo’s Weblog has published a list of Apple iPhone models, to be discontinued by Vodafone Germany.


Interestingly, the list doesn’t include iPhone 5 16GB variants, confirming the survival of iPhone 5 after the arrival of new iPhones on September 10. In fact, iPhone 4S, after more than two years of honorable service, will be retired finally, and indeed iPhone 5 16GB version will take its place.

Now, the one thing is really curious, as it will be difficult to figure out the choice between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C for a consumer as their hardware specs are virtually identical, except the body. In addition, iPhone 5 is undoubtedly better than the iPhone 5C in terms of production materials.

Well, the final words will be coming from Apple and the fate of the iPhone 5 will be set with the launch of new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on Tuesday, September 10.

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