Microsoft’s Xbox Music has taken a plunge, leaving the home and is available for iOS and Android from today.

This is a crucial step for the future of Xbox Music, because now all we have the opportunity to take benefit from the potential supply of Redmond music service, pouring 30 million tracks.

Xbox Music is one of the products created as a result of the redefinition of the Xbox, because Xbox is not only a game console but a hub of content and services where the entertainment (gaming, video and music) is the master. From the beginning, the aim was pursued even today, to make sure that the user can access the tender music regardless of the device used. In short, no matters if the device is a smartphone, a tablet or a TV; once the monthly subscription is paid, the content will always be within reach on all major platforms.

xbox music ios android

Xbox Music gives the accessibility of 30 million tracks from any device now for $9.99 per-month or $99.99 annually. The Web service allows you to stream music from one of the largest digital music catalogs on the planet for free on all Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet and PCs, and you can also create an endless list of web playlists, while the playlist will land on Windows 8 from October 18 with the release of Windows 8.1.

Xbox Music Web

Windows 8.1 will also “Explore” the music online, thanks to Bing Smart Search, leading to a rapid web playlist in a few clicks starting from their online navigation between content and websites of artists, and that could give value to the operating system and at the same time create an important synergy around the service.

Microsoft promises more news for iOS and Android in the next few months with the arrival of Xbox One on the market, and the Redmond giant will serve new opportunities to promote the console in the field of streaming content.  The Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android are available on their respective app stores.

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