Nokia has always made it a point to offer the best service to its customers in order to give them the feeling of uniqueness and specialness. The company has always brought the best of the best apps to its smartphones so that Nokia consumers never have the feeling of being on the low end.

In fact, Nokia has always kept on increasing the number of apps that are available for its Windows Phone devices. Even though the app store is growing on a regular basis, there are a lot of apps that are still not so good when compared to their version on other platforms. Facebook happens to be one such app even though it has been developed by Microsoft itself.

This app has been developed by the same company that develops the popular Windows Phone operating system for Nokia smartphones. Microsoft had last updated the Facebook app in the month of December last year. This new update was definitely an improvement over the previous ones, but the app could have been much better.

Recently, there has been an interesting case regarding this Facebook app available for Nokia smartphones. A Windows Phone owner known as Ammar who was not so happy with the Facebook app on his device decided to do something about it. He posted his case on the website saying that he wanted to take his complaint regarding Facebook app to a certain someone who could actually do something about it – the CEO of Nokia.

Ammar emailed the CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop about his problem. It is difficult to say whether Stephen Elop already had an idea about this, but he did reply back to his email saying “Thanks – this is definitely being worked on.”

This reply definitely indicates that Nokia and Microsoft are aware of this problem and a solution for the same is being worked upon. We might soon get to see a better and updated version of Facebook for Nokia Windows phones. We will have to wait for the update to be out in order to find out what’s new and what has been improved.