Blackberry has done almost anything and everything possible from its side to support and promote its new flagship device – the Blackberry Z10. This new smartphone runs on the new ‘Blackberry 10’ operating system which provides a lot of new features to the users and is backed up by the all new ‘Blackberry Store’ which provides the users with a variety of games and applications for the Z10.

Even though Blackberry was able to get over 70,000 apps in the Blackberry Store, there are a lot of key apps or rather important and widely used apps that are still not available on the Blackberry Store and ‘WhatsApp’ is one of them.

It seems that this fact will change soon. Very soon, we might see Blackberry Z10 users downloading WhatsApp on their handset if the information provided by Blackberry’s social media manager is true.
Blackberry’s social media manager Alex Kinsella posted an update on this Twitter account where he said that Blackberry Z10 users will soon be able to download WhatsApp – the popular cross platform messaging service on their devices by next week.

WhatsApp has always been one of the favorite cross platform messaging services which allows you to send text messages, images and videos instantly to your friends regardless of which mobile platform they use (considering that WhatsApp is available on that mobile platform). WhatsApp is a very popular application and this will certainly be good news for all Z10 users.

Even though Blackberry has its own messaging service – Blackberry Messenger, there are a lot of limitations to the same. Apart from these limitations, the introduction of WhatsApp on the Blackberry platform will also reduce the loss due to unlimited Blackberry Messenger services provided in certain markets.

We hope that Blackberry certainly scores with WhatsApp. Not only for the growth of the company but also for the blackberry Z10 customers who will be happy to use this new app on their Blackberry smartphones.