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Apple iPhone 5C betrays Chinese consumers


Apple is willing to go to the conquest of China, but the Chinese consumers are not liking iPhone 5C at all. On the social platform Weibo, many users seem to be “angry” with Cupertino, mainly because of the price chosen for the cheaper version of iPhone.

Thousands of comments submitted by Chinese consumers, which express their disapproval of the iPhone 5C announced by Apple on Tuesday. They call “disappointed and betrayed” themselves, considering iPhone 5C as the most expensive smartphone “economic” ever made. Many of them are also criticizing a lack of creativeness on the part of Cupertino.

In real, Apple iPhone 5C is not so cheap in China – where it is assembled – the model with 16 GB storage costs 4488yuan, or about €552 at current exchange rates, while, the device costs $99 with a two-year contract or $549 without a contract in the United States.

Interestingly, a user dealmoon has compared the colors proposed by Apple for iPhone 5C with Crocs shoes, which resemblance quite clear.


Moreover, even the iPhone 5S is not convincing Chinese consumers. Apple iPhone 5S is “nothing more than an update of the previous version” and doesn’t make an impact because of “excessive brilliance of the golden color, which is almost tacky.” Others cite that “unlocking via the fingerprint reader is a good idea, but the smartphone is too small,” implying that they were willing a device with a larger display.

Despite the arrival of a low-cost version of the iPhone, Apple doesn’t seem to be entering in the markets of mid-range and low-end smartphones. Before the official announcement, the “C” of the iPhone 5C was considered as “cheap” on the Web, instead means “color” and denotes a greater opportunity of choice (“choose”), precisely because of the different available colors for the body.

The company led by Tim Cook usually releases a new iPhone every year, so who were hoping for a cheap variant, will have to wait a long time unless Apple decides to offer a really “cheap” smartphone in the future.

It should be noted that the Chinese market is currently the most coveted by Apple and other manufacturers of mobile phones, due to the huge demand of “smart” devices, but not iPhone 5C. Additionally, the iPhone 5C has not only being criticized in China, but also by users around the globe. Some of the users have expressed a unanimous opinion on the Facebook and Twitter by saying, “the colored iPhone is too expensive.”

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