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Could Microsoft buy out iPad users for $200?


After taking around “Siri” with an advertising campaign “less talking, more doing” and creating a website to compare the Apple tablet with the Surface RT, now Microsoft wants to buy the iPad users.

The Redmond company has launched “iPad Trade-In Program,” in Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada, in which the company will provide a $200 gift card in exchange for an iPad 2, 3, or 4. The offer is valid until October 27.

Those who come into a store with an iPad 2, 3 or 4 will be welcomed with open arms and will receive a gift card worth at least $200. Microsoft didn’t impose any constraint on the way in which the sum must be spent, but clearly the company hopes to be invested in the purchase of a Surface tablet. For this reason, Microsoft illustrates characteristics and prices of the Surface RT and Surface Pro on the site.

Despite Apple releases a new iPad every year (with the exception of iPad 3 and 4, both announced in 2012), the value of the tablet doesn’t decrease as quickly as it happens. In addition, the Cupertino Company provides support for a longer time. The iPad 2 was launched on the market with iOS 4, and it will be receiving the upgrade to iOS 7 (with reduced functionality) on September 18. Hence we believe its very difficult to make Apple fans withdraw their iPads; no matter how hard the Redmond giant tries to turn the greatest number of Apple consumers into Surface users.

On September 23 in New York City, Microsoft will also be releasing the second-generation of Surface tablets. If the Surface 2 hits the market before October 27, the (former) Apple users will have the option to buy the Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2.

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