HTC’s forthcoming tablet-sized smartphone, the One Max, has been dominating the rumor mills for the last two weeks alongside with Apple’s iPhones.

The One Max belongs to HTC’s premier product line, the One, and ostensibly it will feature the largest screen and body size of the family. In terms of hardware, the handset will be dressed in aluminum, and identically to the family’s signature design.

The Taiwanese corporation’s CMO Ben Ho stated that the device will be unveiled in the fourth quarter of the current year. As far as specs go, rumors have it to be approximately as powerful as the One. The One Max marquee feature compared to the One will potentially be a fingerprint scanner – just like the one Apple has embedded on the iPhone 5S. In addition, the phone will be running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

HTC One Max Branding

Moreover, the famous whistle blower @evleaks tweeted an alleged branding of the One Max, pointing out that the word Max is in subscript rather than the larger sized font, thus to designate the humongous size of the phone.

Once it is launched, the phone will have to battle its way through other top-notch competitors, including the Xperia Z Ultra, the Galaxy Note 3 and even Acer’s Liquid S2 which captures Ultra HD video. For now, let’s just wait for the company to shed more light onto the mystery in the next couple of months.