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Gunfire Reborn is now available globally on Android and iOS – GamingonPhone


Gunfire Reborn is regarded as one of the best rogue-like FPS shooter games on the market. The first PC version of Gunfire Reborn was famous because the game allowed players to run through dungeons and gardens while smashing enemies with the variety of weapons available in the game. Duoyi Interactive has released the mobile version of Gunfire Reborn for both Android and iOS platforms, which will be now globally available.
Gunfire Reborn was one of the most selling PC games across the world and also won several awards. For a long time, fans have been eagerly waiting to play the mobile version of this iconic FPS rogue-like RPG. On April 13th, 2022, Duoyi Interactive announced earlier that a mobile version of the game will be released. The game is officially available for mobile users to play on both Android and iOS platforms.
Gunfire Reborn Mobile is just as amazing as the PC version to play. The game has been designed in a way to appeal to mobile users and make their playing experience fun. Gunfire Reborn Mobile has four unique maps for players to enjoy playing in. The game also features flexible fighting styles with 6 heroes, who can achieve up to 18 ascensions. The game has a perfect hero for players with any kind of fighting style and players can also personalize the combat style of a hero.
The game also has over 100 occult scrolls with different functions. Occult scrolls can be obtained while playing the matches and players can use the occult scrolls to bypass disadvantages. The game also features manually designed routes, these routes with the randomly appearing scrolls, ascensions and weapons deliver an ultimate gaming experience for sure.
Gunfire Reborn Mobile also has a variety of weapons for players to choose from, the game has 40 different weapons with each weapon possessing its own specialty, this is assured to give users a unique shooting experience throughout the game. To add to the uniqueness, all the guns in the game can be added with inscriptions which will add random traits to the gun.
Players can play the intense solo mode or they can also team up with their friends to play matches in the fun-filled co-op mode. Each squad can accommodate up to four players and make the gaming experience more fun and interesting. In addition to that, the game’s custom build UI for the touchscreen takes flexibility and accessibility to another level.
The game also has enhanced the aiming and shooting experience to satisfy all kinds of players. The difficulty and time of the game have also been adjusted to the preference of mobile gamers. Players can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.
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