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🌲 Good morning! Keep reading for weird redwood leaves…
Eric Migicovsky is the founder of Pebble, which made neat smartwatches that probably kickstarted the whole smartwatch industry.
He says, on his website smallandroidphone.com, quote:
“I love small phones because they:
Also, Eric Migicovsky doesn’t like iOS, preferring the flexibility of Android, which rules out the iPhone Mini. And, he basically ywants an iPhone 13 Mini but running Android, and says a price of around $700-800 is the ballpark.
📳 Vivo X80, X80 Pro launch globally: Still waiting on final pricing in more regions, but it’s rolling out… (Android Authority).
🎶 YouTube Music on Wear OS finally gets streaming support (Android Authority).
⌚ Crazy person installs Wear OS on 2016 Galaxy Gear S3 because why the heck not? (Android Authority).
🍎 A report (the first of two parts) from The Information details what’s delayed Apple’s mixed reality headset launch by years, initial pushback from Jony Ive’s team, and struggles to get resources in the shadow of the iPhone without Tim Cook’s involvement (9to5Mac).
👉 Remember the machine learning guy who quit Apple over its remote work policies (or lack thereof)? Now he’s (re-)joined Google Deep Mind (Engadget).
🏠 Speaking of: Apple softens its stance on remote work amid return-to-office delays (Engadget).
🚀 UAPs (the new name for UFOs!) went to Congress for the first time in 50 years: Pentagon has 400 reports, but “We have no material… that would suggest it’s anything non-terrestrial in origin.” (The Verge).
📺 Star Wars content flurry confirmed: New Disney+ series, film updates (Ars Technica).
👉 The Internet origin story you know is wrong (BBSs baby!) (Wired).
🚀 Billionaires sent to space weren’t expecting to work so hard on the ISS — it strained the crew and the astronaut (Gizmodo).
🚒 America’s first electric fire truck joins the Los Angeles Fire Department (Jalopnik).
🃏 I have no idea what this is about but: “Popular Yu-Gi-Oh card unbanned after 17 years(Polygon).
📞 “When you look at the disk space a video game consumes, what kind of data typically takes the most space (i.e., Textures, geometry, binaries, etc.)?” (r/askreddit). (Answer: textures!).
At times like this I want to go back and study biology to figure out what’s going on, but here’s the gist: Redwoods grow weird leaves to suck water from air (Scientific American).
In the image below, the asparagus-like leaf on the right absorbs water “at about four times the rate of ordinary-looking “peripheral” shoots.”
Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor


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