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Microsoft: Teams now has more than 270 million monthly active users – ZDNet


Microsoft officials also say the company is now up to 1.4 billion monthly active users of Windows 10 and 11 devices combined.
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Microsoft officials said today, January 25, that the company has surpassed 270 million monthly active Teams users as of its second quarter in fiscal 2022. That’s up from 250 million monthly active Teams users, a figure Microsoft officials cited in July 2021. Officials also said during the company’s Q2 FY’22 earnings call that there are now more than 1.4 billion monthly active users of Windows 10 or Windows 11 combined.

Late last year, Microsoft officials shared executive-compensation figures that indicated that Teams growth might be slowing. Some of that is due to the law of large numbers. But Microsoft’s decision last year to change the way it publicly discloses its Team usage figures — moving from daily active users to monthly active users — signaled to some company watchers that slowing growth might be the reason for the change in metrics.
Microsoft is trying to grow Teams beyond its established business base by adding consumer features to the product. Microsoft integrated a Teams Chat button into the Windows 11 taskbar in the hopes of getting more people to try Teams’ consumer capabilities. It also introduced a new standalone Teams Essentials SKU for small-and-midsize businesses.

Because only some Windows PCs are able to run Windows 11, due to Microsoft upping the base requirements for its newest OS release, officials need to get a bit creative about how they disclose Windows numbers. Last April, Microsoft officials said Windows 10 was on 1.3 billion monthly active devices. Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 in early October 2021 and had yet to share any information about how many people are running Windows 11.
Microsoft officials said that Windows OEM revenue growth was up 25% in its second quarter for FY’22. And Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood forecast that Windows revenues will be up a high-single-digit percentage in the next quarter.
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