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Apple iOS 7 is already a success, adoption rate hits 35% in 24hrs


Despite the problems on the debut of iOS 7, the percentage of active Apple devices has already reached 35%. The adoption rate is way better even after 48 hours of launch.

The estimates come from analytics company Mixpanel while the numbers reported by Chitika are lower. In fact, according to the well-known networks, the adoption of iOS 7 has currently reached 18% compared to 15% of iOS 6, which was released last year, and iOS 5 took five days to reach a share of 20%.

Apple iOS 5 had added the ability to update the firmware via OTA (over-the-air), thereby allowing users to perform an update of the operating system directly from the device, without connecting to a computer. As a result, the iOS 5 and iOS 6 upgrades were easier to perform, and for the same reason, the rate of adoption iOS 7 has increased rapidly.

Beyond the numbers, it appears the iOS 7 is already a success almost two days after the launch. Moreover, the mobile operating system from Apple is just one of the strengths of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as pointed out by the CEO, Jason Baptiste of Onswipe, “iOS 7 is getting such rapid adoption because it’s like getting a brand new phone instantly and for free. Its adoption is also being accelerated by developers pushing a brand new iOS 7 redesign to their large user bases.”


None of the competitors in the mobile platform has ever recorded an adoption rate similar to that of iOS 7. Now, Apple has a distinct advantage against rivals, as well as the developers working on apps designed for iOS.

At this moment, consumers are ambitious for the best apps developed for the new iOS 7, in fact, those who have already completed iOS 7 upgrade, are seeing a large number of downloads around the globe. Well! The numbers certainly are to increase in the coming days, and we would get a more accurate trajectory of adoption later.

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