Ostensibly, it’s that time of the year when Google announces its new flagship Android phone under the Nexus lineup.

The current phone was announced on October 29th and launched on Nov. 13th last year. Summing it up, in circa one month, Google will be on stage to show us its new handset for the season 2013-14.


Couple of weeks ago, the company accidentally unveiled a supposed-to-be prototype of the device during its KitKat promotional video. The video suggests that back of the phone will be covered with a rubber-ish material – similar to One X+ – with Nexus branding, FCC markings and the primary sensor and flash embed on it. The rubber is expected to be crafting around the edges as well. If Google indeed opts this hardware option, then the experience will be slightly unpleasant as the particular backing can be torn rather easily. The picture below also constitutes an auspicious sign that the speaker grill will be finally placed whether on the bottom – alongside with the charging import – or somewhere on the front.

Google Nexus 5

Specifications and software

Since the onset of the line, the company has never let us down in terms of internal specifications. Every new Nexus is a significant upgrade over its predecessor – design wise as well. The Nexus 4 sports a quad-core chip in conjunction with 2 gigs of memory, 16GB/32GB storage options, 8MPix shooter on the back and a stellar 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen. Starting off with the primary camera, according to the prototype in Google’s video, the sensor is substantially larger than the tiny one found in the 2012 model. Recent reports surfaced online suggest that the Nexus 5 will shoot at 13.1MPix and others reportedly at 20.1. A huge space is maintained between these two potential numbers; thus we cannot say for sure if indeed they are plausible. If you ask me, the most possible scenario is the first one.

In terms of CPU, the phone will exhibit Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip clocked at 2.3GHz – the company’s latest gen processor. We also believe that Google will compete with Samsung’s Note 3 and include a three gigabyte dedicated RAM as well. Moving on to the screen, we do not expect Google to increase the size of the screen by more than 0.3-inches. It is more likely that a 5-inch Full HD IPS display will be implemented on the device. Google will make LTE visible right from the beginning this time and not keep it as a recessed feature like last year, where the user had to enter Android’s system to turn it on. I remember doing this for my mate’s Nexus – what a painstaking procedure.

Software wise, the new Nexus will ship with the forthcoming Android 4.4 KitKat, which is highly expected to bring a selection of new features on the table.


The Nexus 5 belongs to the premium tier of handsets in the market, thus do not expect a low pricing point. Rumors state that the phone will retail for $400-$500 off-contract in the US and 400-500 euros in EU as well. Respecting under contract price tag, we assume that the 16 gigs edition will set you back $145-$199 and the 32GB one $245-$299.

Wrap up

There is not much things to add, beside that I so long to see the actual handset. Google annually makes sure to fascinate us all with a prodigious device capable of serving us thoroughly for at least two years. New fancy rumors emerge from all corners of the cyber world daily, canceling the previous once, thus we cannot get more in depth. Regardless, the company will shed more light onto the mystery during its mid-October event.

Update 01: (10/13/2013)

A video has been released that allegedly shows the upcoming Google Nexus 5. There is no sound and the video also raises some questions. Nevertheless, the device looks real, at least it could be an older prototype running Android 5.0 KeyLimePie.