At this time, all major apps for iPhone and iPad have been receiving an update in the context of UI. The look and design have been modified to comply with minimalist and flat appearance of Apple iOS 7.

Among the most popular apps, there are Facebook and Twitter; and both have taken the opportunity to integrate new features of iOS 7. Despite the changes are mainly directed to Apple’s new mobile OS, the respective apps are still compatible with iOS 5 and 6.

Facebook for iOS 7 has received only “a coat of paint”, but the company has also introduced a new way of navigation in the iPhone app. At the bottom of the screen, there is a horizontal bar that allows you to make the switch between the sections (news feed, requests, messages, notifications, timeline, groups, events, etc…). Each tab remembers its state. If the user scrolls the news flow down and writes a message, on coming back can continue to read the contents from where the content was left off.

At the top of the screen, a translucent bar has also been added, which changes dynamically based on the posts and the photos displayed.

Twitter for iOS 7 has also received a redesign of the user interface to adapt to the stylistic choices of Apple’s new operating system. Now, users can use hashtag #music to search trending music tracks on Twitter on iTunes Radio. Moreover, it’s possible to search Twitter using Siri and share the links posted on the micro-blogging website, using the Shared Links in Safari.