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Microsoft starts displaying Ads in Skype 4.3 for Android


Skype promised to increase the investment for mobile apps development by releasing more frequent updates for all supported platforms. Proving it to be true, a newer version of Skype has been released, yet again.

The VoIP client has always been free, so the company must find the resources in some other way. As a result, your Skype experience on Android is no more ad-free.

In the coming weeks, users who will install Skype 4.3 for Android will see the first banner ad on the main navigation screen.

The advertisements will be shown at the top of the screen for 30 seconds and will have a size between 320×50 and 320×416 pixels. It will be “rich media mobile advertising” at standard spot, which will also be shown on Skype for iPhone and will be an excellent channel to reach consumers.

In the United States and Germany, Microsoft has already signed agreements with Ford and Telefonica, and given a large number of users to Skype advertisers. This news is reserved for only non-paying users. Those who have entered into a subscription plan will continue to have an ad-free experience.

In addition to commercials, Skype 4.3 for Android introduces two significant changes from previous version. The screen stays lit when the user initiates a call. The proximity sensor will return to normal when the conversation starts with the recipient. With this new version, Microsoft has added support for 14 new languages: Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

As far as bug fixes are concerned, some problems have been solved with Samsung and HTC smartphones, and viewing defects have been corrected on low resolution display.

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