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Tesla FSD Update: Wide Release Coming Next Week, But Elon Musk Says There’s a Catch – Tech Times


Tesla is soon dropping a full self-driving (FSD) update for its subscribers, and Elon Musk jas said that it is one significant drop from the company once it releases for EV owners.
However, it has a catch, and the tech CEO revealed the release window that is not available for everyone immediately as it will be open to a selected few.
The tech CEO was asked for an update regarding the FSD, and it only shows that the public is awaiting the next features of the autonomous system. Many people are still waiting for the FSD, particularly its public and full release for everyone, as the system now focuses on bringing an essential feature to the public.
Elon Musk responded to this question, and the CEO said that there is a comprehensive release coming in the next week. The CEO is known for regularly bringing updates to the Tesla system, and he brings it via his preferred platform, Twitter.
Musk then said that the feature is a “big one,” which only means that it will be a significant update for the FSD users.

Update probably goes to wide release next week. This is a big one.
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However, there is a catch to what the CEO said, and it is about the release window of the FSD update. The release coming next week is intended for those with a high safety score on their FSD, and it would most likely be those with a 99 to 100 rank, per their driving skills and evaluation of the company.

No, I meant wide release to high safety score beta participants. Going to all beta participants is expected later this year.

Moreover, the full release will take a long time despite the feature coming next week, and it may come later in the year for all the other beta users, says Musk.
There is much information about the Tesla FSD and its features for the public. It is possible because the car company created one of the most sophisticated neural networks. Elon Musk previously talked about the Tesla Dojo, the company’s machine learning and AI supercomputer that teaches the FSD everything it knows.
One of the critical features of the FSD is the statistical learning that helps it have advanced systems on its features.
Tesla previously said that the FSD is one of the safest driving systems globally, and it brings an accident-free service to the world. The system wants to maintain its reputation for having no accidents since it was released, and the tech CEO said that this is an accurate description of the feature for everything it brings to the public.
The FSD is one of the most famous driving systems in the world, and it also came with one of the most famous electric vehicle brands that revolutionized electrification. Since then, Tesla has focused on its services and features for everyone to enjoy, and the main thing it brought for everyone is a safety feature in the name of the FSD.
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Written by Isaiah Richard
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