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Samsung says No to fingerprint reader for Galaxy S5

With iPhone 5S, Apple has become the first company to implement a reliable, accurate and fast fingerprint reader (called Touch ID) in a smartphone. The fingerprint scanner is a new way of authorization that many manufacturers might adopt for their solutions in the upcoming models.

However, Samsung has decided not to follow the wake of the rival and has no intention of introducing the scanner in its Galaxy series just yet. A Samsung executive told The Herald Korean press, claiming that the giant “is not developing this technology.” However, it could change [our] mind if consumers clamor for this type of functionality.

[one_half]Hyundai Securities analyst Yoon Jung-sun has added a pinch of salt to the matter and said that Samsung would wait to see how well the technology works out for Apple before introducing it on its own Galaxy devices.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Samsung has been a fast follower instead of being a risk taker.


Even if Samsung decides to go for this technology, there would be some problems that the company might have to face. The Crucialtec is the only Korean supplier of dedicated sensors for mobile phones and working to compete with Apple’s Touch ID. Thus, Samsung could hope to get a solution from Crucialtec, but market researchers argue that it is at least a year behind Authentec, the company acquired by Apple over a year ago and whose technology for fingerprints has been implemented in the iPhone 5S. This could be a sticking point for those who would like to see a scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4.

However, Samsung is still not interested in the technology, but HTC might be. According to recent rumors, the Taiwanese house have decided to introduce a fingerprint reader in the upcoming phablet device One Max.

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