More than a billion registered users, 280 million active users and 2 billion minutes a day.

These are the figures of Skype usage that concern telephone operators in 68 countries, 43% of which believe that the VoIP service provided by Microsoft represents a serious threat to their profits.

[one_half]In fact, the danger is also posed by WhatsApp, WeChat and Line, which have grown exponentially in recent months, thanks to the spread of smartphones. These are some facts obtained from a survey conducted by analyst firm MobileSquared on behalf of TynTec.[/one_half]


Skype makes up one-third of all international phone traffic.


According to the report, the value of the communications market through OTT services (Over The Top) will reach $53.7 billion in 2017, when more than 2 billion smartphone users use Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat. Every third call passes through Skype servers now, and the loss of earnings for telecom operators is approximately $100 million per day, or $36.5 billion per year.

Even the profits from SMS have declined because of WhatsApp. In past 12 months, the messaging service platform has grown by 233%, reaching 300 million active users. The numbers of sent messages in a day have increased from 2 billion to 10 billion. Additionally, the registered users of WeChat, a popular messaging client app in China have just doubled in the last six months and reached 400 million mark.

Over the years, Telephone operators have tried various strategies to hold the users and profits. They reduced additional fees and increased the services for cost, but all these attempts as well as the offers of OTT services didn’t lead to anything.

Now, the only possible solution is to sign agreements with service providers, hiring virtual phone numbers or sharing the costs of traffic.