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Living in the technological era, smart devices are becoming part of everyone’s life. If you browse online, you will find news about the latest product releases with astonishing features, state-of-the-art technology, and plenty of features to keep you glued to the screen.
Whether you visit an electronic store near your home or visit any e-commerce website like Amazon, you will be astonished to see huge loads of devices and gadgets made for consumers. Smartphones are being used almost by everyone. But there is also one group of people who can’t depend on small screens and want to enjoy a more crisp and clear screen with a wider display. When it comes to a larger screen, people looking for something extra more commonly use tablets. And when talking about tablets, the iPad is the most loved device by everyone.
But without having an internet connection, even iPad looks like a dead rubber because you need to connect to the internet for installing apps, playing games, and downloading your favorite movies.
If you are thinking of purchasing a new iPad or already own one, make sure to get a stable internet connection like Spectrum. The seamless connectivity and unlimited data make it one of the top choices for many internet users. Moreover, the support and customer service it offers are top-notch. Even if you are not comfortable speaking English, you can talk to the customer representative in Spanish by visiting spectrum español pagos.
After buying an iPad, you need to install some essential apps that are helpful in managing day-to-day tasks along with keeping you entertained and hooked to the screen. Here is an overview of which apps to install on your iPad.
the best app you can install on your iPad is iMovie which is great for YouTubers and Vloggers who want to edit videos on the go. The app offers intuitive multi-touch gestures along with a design that helps you develop trailers and movies like Hollywood. At least you can gain a lot of traction at the start of your YouTube or vlogging career.
iMovie does not require any special skills or tools to learn. Instead, it can help you create custom videos with a few taps. All you need to do is select a collection of videos or images and let iMovie create a video without you requiring to edit the video. Moreover, don’t worry because all the music, titles, and transitions will be added to iMovie without any extra work. The best part is you can share your work with family and friends with ease.
Flipboard is the best app to install if you are an avid reader or want to have a custom magazine on your iPad. Whether you are interested in reading about the latest technological developments, arts and crafts, science, entertainment, or stories from leading press, Flipboard makes it easy for you. Some of the publishers you can add to your Flipboard are The Atlantic, NBC, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, and many more.
The Flipboard curation is also delivered to your mailbox directly. You can sign up for the Flipboard newsletter and get everything delivered to your inbox whether it be news, fiction, weather, or any other story you are interested in.
When it comes to fun and entertainment time, there is no better option than Netflix. Whether you are feeling bored at home or need to kill time while traveling, Netflix has everything from binge-worthy shows to blockbuster movies and documentaries.
The subscription costs only $10 for the basic plan, which is good enough if you are tight on budget. Moreover, if you want to go for a long trip and need to stay without the internet, you can download videos for offline viewing. Some of the content you could watch on Netflix includes Stranger Things, The Crown, Orange Is the New Black and Black Mirror.
Accessing millions of videos on one platform is only possible on YouTube. Whether you are in the mood to watch short films or looking for a new documentary that has gone viral recently, you can just head on to YouTube and start watching.
YouTube is not just a place for entertainment, but also a great place for learning new skills. Whether you are interested in learning about web development, WordPress theme customization, coding, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, or social media marketing, YouTube has everything available free of cost.
BBC is another great app to install on your iPad to catch up with the latest news from around the world. Whether it be about politics, finance, sports, weather, science, technology, or anything else, you can keep yourself updated by installing BBC on your iPad.
When it comes to topic suggestions, there is no better app than BBC. You can watch even short news clips and headlines on the move with BBC on your iPad. Moreover, you will also get notifications about important news stories you have been looking for.
When you purchase a new device, you are too excited for the first few days, but things get back to boring after a while. If you want to enjoy the iPad every day, make sure to install new apps. The best way to keep yourself entertained is to look for apps like Netflix, Hulu, or Sling. And if you are keen to learn something new, make sure to install YouTube, Coursera, Khans Academy, or SkillShare.


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