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Stay with UA is a collection of 3D animated NFTs, each featuring strong commentary on the current situation in Ukraine. As someone from the country, the artist behind Stay with UA is drawing on his connection to Ukraine to make NFTs that are both striking and packed with meaning. The collection auction begins tomorrow, so let’s take a look at what Stay with UA is all about.
Stay with UA is a collection of nine 3D animated “visual screensavers”. The entire collection serves as a comment on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The images themselves are certainly a strong indictment of the situation in Ukraine. In fact, WorldCorp refers to the day of the invasion as a major turning point that spurred the creation of the collection.
“February 24 – the world, in the form in which it was, does not exist anymore. The plans of millions of Ukrainians were destroyed by the utopian ambitions of people “in suits”. Many lost their homes and left their cities forever.”
The 3D video loops that make up Stand with UA are satirical comments on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. They feature a series of striking images. For example, there’s the Stay with UA NFT, “Live today, think about tomorrow”, which shows a Ukrainian soldier wheeling a healthcare worker to safety.
Many of the NFTs in the collection have a more humorous or lighthearted tone though. There’s a Ukrainian flag-bearing Elon Musk making contact with Martians, and the beloved Baby Yoda character with Ukraine flags in its eyes carrying a “No War” sticker.
The auction for the NFTs will take place on May 14, with each piece starting at a price of 0.9 ETH. What’s more, the auction will take place on the NFT marketplace, Foundation.
As previously mentioned, the team behind Stand with UA is WorldCorp. Basically, WorldCorp is a Web3 collective looking to use the power of the blockchain to power collaborative projects.
The artist behind WorldCorp.io and the Stay with UA collection is Denis Halushko. Halushko is an 18-year-old visual effects and 3D artist from Ukraine. The artist first started his creative endeavors in 2014, producing Marvel-inspired comics for his peers. Eventually, he became absorbed by 3D and is continuing to explore the medium through Stay with UA.
Needless to say, the artist has a personal connection to what is currently happening in Ukraine. But beyond that, Halushko hopes to be able to help people in similar situations in the future.
Significantly, 70% of sale proceeds will go towards plsHelp.io. To explain, plsHelp.io is another project from WorldCorp. In essence, WorldCorp envisions plsHelp.io as a Web3 aid platform. According to the WorldCorp website, plsHelp.io aims to provide “country-specific access directly to the individual and the problem they are unlucky enough to encounter”. According to the WorldCorp website, plsHelp.io will go live later this year.
If you’re interested in learning more about Stay with UA and WorldCorp, be sure to check out its website. You can also follow the project on Twitter.
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