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Nobody believes in Windows RT except Microsoft


Microsoft currently seems to be the only company to sell Windows RT tablets, under the brand “Surface”. After the departure of several manufacturers from this new platform, Dell has also decided to discontinue selling the XPS 10, now listed as no longer available for sale.

Dell has declined to comment on its future plans for the Windows RT, but at an event scheduled on October 2, the company will be unveiling a new lineup of tablets. The manufacturer is suspected to introduce a new generation of Dell XPS 10 based on Intel Bay Trail that will run Windows 8.1.

Henceforth, Dell will join the group of Lenovo, ASUS and Samsung who had initially believed in Windows RT, but later chose to abandon the operating system because of very poor sales recorded by its tablets. In addition, HTC has also canceled the development of a Windows RT tablet.

However, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, has recently hinted that Windows RT will be the future of smartphones and small tablets:

Windows RT was our first ARM tablet. And as phones extend into tablets, expect us to see many more ARM tablets, Windows ARM tablets in the future.

Earlier this week, Microsoft had announced Surface 2, the first tablet based on Windows RT 8.1, and at present, no third-party vendor seems to be interested in offering Windows RT (8.1?) with their tablets. Meanwhile, Windows 8 and Android are still handy picks for the hardware manufacturers.

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