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Google Glass: XE10 update to support third party apps


There is another update coming to Google Glass, obviously dedicated to the Explorer Edition currently in the hands of developers.

The new XE10 update will represent a significant step forward in the evolution of the device, as it will introduce support for third-party applications.

In other words, developers will be able to make the most of the components equipped by the reality goggles. At the moment, there is no concrete release date for it, but Google may speak in a general way next month. Based on the distribution pattern of previous updates, the update is expected to arrive within the first two weeks of October.

The extent of access to sensors is still a mystery for developers, but one thing is certain — the nature of “open” project will almost play a role of primary importance to its commercial success, and Google is aware of this so as to involve the community of developers in the creation of the Glassware apps.


The news source reported that XE10 would also support launching apps using voice commands, or simply saying “Ok Glass”. It is still unclear when the Californian group intends to start marketing Google Glass. We have spoken several times of spring 2014, but there are still serious doubts about the arrival of big G glasses simultaneously on all territories.

A few days ago, WSJ said that the device could not debut in Europe for several years, thus arousing concern and discontent among the users of the old continent. The reason for such a delay (not officially confirmed) isn’t any technical limitation or the outcome of market valuations, but the legislatives raising privacy issues. In other words, the glasses for augmented reality could be ready, but the law on privacy may not be.

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