Everyone share files and content between devices now-a-days, but the same can’t be said to be the true collaboration between two or more people. Paradoxically, it’s easier to collaborate with someone online rather than in the real world, where it is necessary to use complex and expensive hardware or software, as in the case of PixelSense, formerly known as Microsoft Surface.

Google has planned to change the cards on the table as it demonstrated Open Project. In summary, it allows you to mirror an Android app and perform all usual operations performed on any connected touchscreen, through which two or more users can interact in a simple and intuitive way. It can be done with touch monitor using your fingers, or relying on more traditional screens through mouse and keyboard.

The demo video below illustrates quite clearly the principle of operation which is the base of Open Project concept.

The steps to be taken will be few and available to everyone. A part of a QR code will be displayed on the second screen using the camera of mobile device, which turns into a sort of chessboard for positioning and resizing of the projected image. Once you decide where to place the screen, the stage of collaboration will set itself.

The processor of the first device (smartphone or tablet) will handle the data processing while the synchronization will be done via the remote server.

The potential of the new system can be explored only by the developers once Open Project framework is made available to test and run. Google Open Project is still infancy and needs further development before the apps arrive on Play Store, but the first details bode well for the future developments.

Source: Google Research