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NY Mets News: Jeff McNeil hits a home run and takes down a heckler with one swing – Rising Apple


Jeff McNeil doesn’t need to show up at this particular San Francisco Giants fan’s job today and heckle him. That’s because in their 13-3 beating by the New York Mets, McNeil tagged on a late two-run shot proving the heckler’s theory wrong.
In the top of the 8th with the Mets leading 6-2, McNeil stepped up to the plate and nearly put one into McCovey Cove. It was a sweet insurance home run made even better by the way he was able to silence the man taunting him:
Heckler: "Hey McNeil, work out those legs, you've got no power, no power McNeil"

Jeff: ? pic.twitter.com/UrL6gPBWPD
The last time McNeil hit a home run was in the second game of the season. His focus this season hasn’t been to crank out dingers. Instead, he has reverted back to the contact hitter he was early on in his career. His .311 batting average exemplifies why it’s not such a bad thing for him to be so “powerless” in the eyes of fans at visiting ballparks.
The timing of the heckler was definitely strange given the score. It also opened up the floodgates with Mark Canha going yard in the very next at-bats. The Mets would tack on a baker’s dozen runs against the Giants in this one complete with three home runs. Likely very inebriated, this heckler would have probably tried to take down Richard Pryor during the recording of Live at the Sunset Strip.
I enjoy a good heckle. Better yet, I enjoy a good retort back at the heckler. Is there anything more amazing than standing up to a bully? It’s essentially what McNeil did.
McNeil might not have much power but he does have some. He also had better seats than the fan who thought it was necessary to try and get under McNeil’s skin and throw off his concentration.
Although it doesn’t show up in the box score, McNeil should get some kind of a boost in some statistic for the timing of this home run. Shutting up fans when you’re on the road with a long home run that just adds insult to injury has to feel good. McNeil was definitely in the right headspace. You don’t dance like that in public unless you are.
Unfortunately for this heckler, he would be wrong plenty. Patrick Mazeika helped make sure of that.
Heckler "Don't worry Mazeika, you're not going to go anywhere bud"

Patrick: pic.twitter.com/6t9tuEv4Wa
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