Sony PlayStation 4 is getting popular among Americans, and they prefer PS4 than Xbox One. So it’s possible that Sony could win the battle with Microsoft over who would record the best sales during the upcoming holiday season.

The stats are — coming from a survey conducted by Reuters and Ipsos between September 23 and 27 — made on a base of 1297 people. In which, 26% of respondents said that they would buy Sony’s new console while 15% preferred the Xbox One.

[one_half]However, the gap widens further by analyzing the 408 people aged less than 40 years who prefer 41% to PlayStation 4 against 27% of those who would prefer to buy Xbox One.[/one_half]


PlayStation 4 is $100 cheaper than Xbox One.


Beyond the numbers, it must be underlined that the targeted demographic for the gaming console is the maximum age of 35 years, so you will wonder how well the results given — for the current sample analysis — by people over 40. “Though based on a limited sample, the results potentially point to a lopsided battle during the crucial holiday season, with Microsoft and Sony hoping to get their newest consoles into U.S. households.” Reuters points out.

During Gamescom in August, Sony revealed that he had already registered more than one million bookings for the new PlayStation 4 while Microsoft merely to explain that preorders made for the Xbox One surpassed its predecessor, the Xbox 360, announced eight years ago.

Additionally, some participants in the Reuters poll think that the controversy about the limitations of the Xbox One (then removed by Microsoft precisely because of the strong criticism received) won’t affect the sales of the platform. “People who use Microsoft products will continue to use them.” Said a 56-year-old participant Jon Leigh, who plays 6 to 10 hours of video games a week.

$499 Xbox One will debut on November 22 with Kinect — included in the package — while PS4 will come a week earlier on November 15 for $399.