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A trio of Microsoft investors seeing Bill Gates as a bottleneck


As Steve Ballmer is stepping down from the post of CEO, few investors in Microsoft are looking to completely end the Bill Gates era at Microsoft by supporting a quest to bring down the co-founder of company from the seat of Chairman.

Bill Gates, the co-founder, under whose guidance, vision, and insights for 38 years, Microsoft stand-out from nothing to a multi-billion dollar company is now seen as a bottleneck today by some shareholders and to whom, the company can no longer afford to pay. Hence, they are forcing the board and negotiating privately, to push the founder of the group to take a step back and abandon his role as president at the very moment in which the dolphin Steve Ballmer cries his past and leaves the field in favor of a new CEO.

A collective voice of at least 3 shareholders out of top 20 financiers are ready to blow up the chair of Bill Gates, reported Reuters. Their voice accounts for about 5% of the group’s properties, a portion almost similar to that held by Gates.

A voice has echoed in the historical context in which the business is located. Microsoft has been restructuring a radical firmly anchored business models that made the fortune in the past decades. However, the Redmond Company has now to deal with those who want to express their full business potential by primarily removing those who are seen as an obstacle to a more courageous evolution. Firstly Ballmer is about to out (increasingly strong rumors suggest that the succession Alan Mulally, Ford’s output), then Gates for a new beginning.


There are no statements from Redmond at the time and also the person concerned hasn’t yet commented on the questionnaires arising from news agencies.

Today, Bill Gates maintains a leading role in Microsoft while his activities mainly include philanthropy. In fact, who asked Gates to take a step back as President of the company, is suggesting a momentous step intended to affect the fate of the company in a fundamental way. A tear stronger than any other, or a change of hands would close an unparalleled chapter in the evolution of information technology.

Now, the ball is in Bill Gates court!

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