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iMessage down now? Apple working on a fix, presumably iOS 7.0.3


Recently, Apple has confirmed to be aware of the technical problems related to the iMessage for iOS 7, which prevent users to send and receive messages correctly. The Cupertino developers have started working on a fix to resolve the problems, which will be issued via a software update soon.

Some consumers had experienced a malfunction in the instant messaging service with iOS 7, but the situation seems to have worsened with the iOS 7.0.2 update, released to fix some bugs in the system. The glitch is widespread among all iPhone, iPad and iPod users in different regions, causing problems while messaging. Users are unable to send messages, or receiving delayed messages. Sometimes it appears to be sent but getting red exclamation mark.

Image courtesy: Apple Insider

The Cupertino has explained to the Wall Street Journal and said that they are aware of an issue — affecting a percentage of our iMessage users, and they will have a fix available in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, all users who have problems, please refer to our documents troubleshooting or contact AppleCare for help to solve them.

We apologize for any inconvenience it has caused to customers.

As we are expecting an update, AppleCare has provided few steps that might curb the problem — at least temporarily. The iMessage problem can be fixed through resetting the network settings. Moreover, the issue will still be solved in the next few days, presumably with the arrival of iOS 7.0.3.


It’s the second major problem found in iOS 7 after the famous lock screen security bug. Earlier, after few hours since the launch of iOS 7, users discovered a dangerous bug that jeopardizes the safety of devices allowing to bypass lock screen even though it has an access code to the device. However, the lock screen issue has been fixed with iOS 7.0.2 release.

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