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Ethereum is a decentralized public blockchain network with an intelligent smart contract facility. This definition may suit many crypto projects that exist today. Still, Ethereum does not fit only into this because Ethereum is a home for digital money, global payments, and smart contracts. It can be considered a pillar of DeFi, and Ethereum’s state-of-the-art technologies allow developers to create customized DeFi applications.
Ethereum is the largest cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin. Ethereum, compared to other crypto projects, has many use cases. It provides financial services such as lending and borrowing digital assets and provides much more privacy to internet access. More private access to the internet means the user is allowed to use a dApp without providing all the personal information and peer-to-peer network for the direct transaction of digital assets. It is censorship-resistant that no government or company can control. The Ethereum platform can be used to create and trade non-fungible tokens. Many crypto projects use Ethereum-based networks, and It also has decentralized autonomous organizations to set up online communities. Hence, Ethereum is an umbrella platform for decentralized finance and the digital economy.
Ethereum was introduced in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum blockchain launched in 2014 with smart contracts and dApps. He has proposed that blockchain has much more uses than finance. From inception, the Ethereum network used a PoW algorithm named Ethash, designed to prevent ASIC mining. Ethereum faced issues of security much time after its launch.
The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called Ether with a ticker symbol ETH. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, next to Bitcoin. The utility token fuels the Ethereum community, and it is used for payment of gas fees, governance, and other services of the Ethereum platform.
ETH is divisible up to 18 decimal, allowing investors to buy fractional ETH. Stakers will be incentivized using ETH Tokens. Moreover, it works on a peer-to-peer basis, and it is helpful to get stable coins.
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Crypto as a global ecosystem is accelerating with advanced technology solutions to solve real-time issues. Emerging products are independently working to contribute their best to the digital economy. The number of new crypto projects increased in the last two years compared to other years. This scenario has created stiff competition for Ethereum, and leading companies pose a significant threat to Ethereum’s market share.
Apart from the above companies, Binance Smart Chain, NEAR, gives similar services with fewer fees and faster payment technologies. They can’t get into a one-to-one competition with Ethereum because Ethereum provides large-scale financial applications, and a single project can’t beat it easily. However, they are together giving a warning to Ethereum. The market cap of these companies is increasing day by day, which provides tight competition for Ethereum.
Ethereum outperformed in the last year, and they have been in the stages of the development of Ethereum 2.0. The Proof of Stake upgrade is also not yet completed, and it may take some time to complete. The delay can create rivals more opportunities in the DeFi space.
In expert opinion, 30% of Ethereum’s market share may be captured by competitors such as Avalanche, Terra, and Solana over the next year. These companies have grown to a considerable market share within a short period, indicating they can pull down Ethereum’s market share in the upcoming years.
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Solana was cautiously higher in the last year, and the performance of Solana was remarked and escalated its market position. Crypto fanatics have started comparing Solana with Ethereum before investing.
Solana was introduced in 2020, which means Solana is a child compared to Ethereum. The technology, design, and use cases have given a pose to Ethereum capabilities. Increased throughput and enhanced smart contract capability became an added advantage, and Solana became a new choice for crypto enthusiasts along with Ethereum.
To clarify, Solana is one of the top competitors for Ethereum; they can capture some of Ethereum’s market share. Still, they cannot easily overcome Ethereum as the primary DeFi platform, and it is a Herculean task for Solana to overtake Ethereum in the DeFi space.
Ethereum 2.0 is a batch of interconnected upgrades with a mission to serve the community better. It is planned in different phases. The initial phase launched the Beacon chain in the network. It won’t change any working of Ethereum but laid a complete change plan of other steps and managed network validators registry. The objective of phase 1 is to implement shard chains and roll-up. Phase 2 is looking forward to implementing cross-shard interoperability and decentralized application development tools. Phase 1.5 is a bridge between the first phase and the second phase. This process is called docking. It will connect the Ethereum Mainnet to the Beacon chain. Phase 2 end is expected to hold an utterly functional Mainnet.
Ethereum expects to complete Ethereum 2.0 by the end of 2022. Once it finishes, Ethereum becomes more secure and scalable. In addition, Ethereum is expecting an increased transaction speed and a reduction in high gas fees.
A shift from ETH.1 to ETH.2 can enable new features, improved staking and validating mechanism, economic-friendly network operations, increased throughput, and improved scalability. The shift will allow Ethereum holders a seamless experience in handling the platform.
Ethereum’s white paper was released in 2013, and the yellow paper in 2014. Ethereum was upgraded to Homestead in 2016, the next major version of the Ethereum platform. In 2016 ‘Stock.it’ developed DAO for Ethereum, and it is deployed in the network. In the same year, they introduced the ‘Tangerine Whistle fork’ and ‘Spurious Dragon fork’ to protect the network from service attacks.
Ethereum came up with a ‘Byzantium fork’ in 2017, is introduced specific cryptography methods and non-state changing calls to other contracts. Later in 2019, Ethereum came up with the ‘Constantinople fork’ and ‘Istanbul fork.’ This is allowed smart contracts to have more creative facilities and enabled Ethereum Zpay interoperability. At the end of 2019, Ethereum started working on ETH 2.0.
The staking deposit contract deployed in 2020 entitled staking in the network subsequently. Beacon chain and Berlin upgrades are presented in the platform and began working towards ETH 2.0’s next stage; Shard chains will be entirely implemented in the network by 2023. The journey started in 2020 onwards. However, all execution will be live by 2023 only.
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Ethereum is planning for the merge as of now. The latest update from founders reveals that the Ethereum team is working behind the transfer of Proof of Work to Proof of stake. They have recently launched Kintsugi, a long-lived public testnet. This can drive developers to familiarise themselves with Ethereum in a post-merge context. All the current updates of Ethereum are related to its ETH 2.0 journey.
London hard fork update was completed on Aug 2021, and it was the 11th upgrade that consisted of 5 improvement proposals.
EIP 1559: It will make the transactions more efficient by using a hybrid system of base fees and effectively reducing the transaction confirmation time.
EIP 3198: It strives to enhance smart contracts’ user experience and benefits.
EIP 3529: It will lessen the refunds in ETH and off-set the blocksize variances of EIP -1559
EIP 3541: Seamless deployment of new smart contracts
EIP 3554: It is expected to increase the difficulty of the mining process.
London hard fork introduced coin burning and anticipated to increase the value of Ethereum by reducing supply as its use extends.
Altair upgrade was presented on Oct 27, 2021. It was the first Mainnet upgrade of the Beacon chain, and Ehereum’s price skyrocketed in the market after this. Altair upgrade will enhance client support for core consensus, crack validator incentives issues, and clean up the Beacon state incentive account. Hence, experts consider it an administrative upgrade.
Historical data shows as of March 2020, Ethereum (ETH) became the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Along with the 70 million pre-mined Ethereum tokens, 60 million tokens were sold during its ICO in 2015. In June 2016, ETH’s price was trading around just $10. Ethereum grew from this price level within a year and touched $100. But it underwent a significant sell-off at this point; prices had a breakdown to $100 in the same period.
ETH has noticed massive volatility and traded sideways for an extended period. There was a rounding bottom formation in the daily chart during the same period. Later, the crypto market detected a surge in Ethereum price and market cap. So, it became the best investment opportunity to invest in ETH.
ETH Price AnalysisETH Price Analysis
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ETH again started its upward journey in the first week of last January 2021, following price action took the price of Ethereum to $4400 last May. There was a drop to $1743 again. After three months, prices had witnessed a long-term increase; in early November, prices spiked to a record high at $4874. But after that, the prices kept on falling till Jan 24, 2022. The current price has noticed a significant fall again, and it has reached the $2,300 level.
The cryptocurrency market has experienced a tumultuous period recently. Most of the tokens plunged significantly compared to their all-time high. The Ethereum price today is trading around $2,366.03, with a market cap of $285,987,937,243. The all-time high is $4,891.70, which is on Nov 16, 2021. The current price is 51.68% less than its all-time high.
ETH price predictionETH price prediction
Ethereum’s price was continuously falling from its all-time, and it has made lower lows on the daily chart with colossal selling volume. For the past month, prices have fallen through a descending trend. It had gone through a sharp fall over the past few months. As shown in the chart, the coin started an upward journey on Jan 22, resulting in a slight uptrend. But the coin faced resistance at the $3500 level, and the price started falling down. It is expected that the price will continue to stay in the same trend for some time. In the last few days, the entire crypto market saw a fall in prices, and the same has happened with ETH.
Ethereum Price PredictionsEthereum Price Predictions
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Technical analysis shows that ETH had initiated its price recovery after Jan 22. Currently, it is trading below its immediate resistance level of $2802. Any decline from this level is eyeing immediate support of $2148. Investors may face complex decision-making. If coins plunge to this level, they cannot afford the losses. As of now, ETH does not reflect any possibilities of a price rally; it holds a risk of a further price correction as per the technical indicators. However, investors expect that Ethereum may pay back its losses soon.
On the upside, the immediate resistance level will be around $2802 as per the Fibonacci retracement levels, and if ETH is able to cross this level, it may test the resistance of $3207. There is a crucial resistance zone noted at around $3535, and significant resistance will be around $3862 and $4328, after which ETH may create a new all-time high.
Ethereum forecastEthereum forecast
Analyzing the major technical indicators, the Bollinger bands are slightly expanding, increasing the volatility. The MACD line is trading below the Signal Line, indicating negative momentum. RSI is positioned at 33, indicating negative momentum.
ethereum price predictionethereum price prediction
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Monitoring the exponential moving average, the ETH price is trading below its 20 EMA, 50 EMA, and 200 EMA, which reflects that the coin has not yet started a positive move. The EMA levels indicate that the coin does not have enough strength for an uptrend. ADX is trading at 32 value, indicating a strong trend, and on-balance volume (OBV) has been trading flat for a long.
To sum it up, most technical indicators mostly reflect a negative momentum. The trading volume recorded a significant fall over the last 24 hours. But now is not the time to sell the coin, and investors may hold ETH at least for some more time. If the prices fall below the crucial support, only then would it be risky to hold the coin further.
The cryptocurrency market encountered a difficult start to the week. Looking at the price history, Ethereum gave a considerable return last year. ETH has given good swing opportunities for traders. Ethereum price today reflects that prices are moving down. What should investors do at this point? Should you buy, hold or sell? Let us have a detailed analysis of the Ethereum future price prediction.
Ethereum price predictions anticipate ETH may fall to $3000 or even below within the first quarter of 2022; it will reach $3150 within the first half of the year. The average price foreseen by the end of the year is $3022. If any significant price action occurs, it can take Ethereum to a maximum price of $3546.
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Ethereum ETH is expected to start at $3500. Within a month, it is envisioned to cross $3650. The Ethereum price is foreknowing to reach $3700 within six months. Price predictions show volatility after this, and by the year-end, ETH may touch $3900. The maximum price expected by the year-end is $3950 and the minimum price expected in the year is $3743.
ETH envisaged an opening of more than $3000 in 2024. Prices are expected to reach $3500 within the first quarter and $4000 within the second quarter. Ethereum price can reach up to $4355 by the year-end.
Based on price predictions, ETH prophesies a start at $4350. Prices may rise but at a slow rate and anticipate to reach around $4600 within three months. It will call $4710 by August 2025 and $5500 by the year-end. The maximum price predicted for the year might be $5570, and the minimum price expected for the year is $4340.
ETH price will begin at $5550 in 2026. By April 2026, the price is expected to see a sharp fall. Ethereum price may reach $4700 during the first half of the year. If the crypto market does not support the coin, it may fall further to reach around $4110. The minimum price for the year 2026 might be $4117, whereas the maximum price is $5049.
Price predictions pointed out an onset at $4800 and may touch $5000 within a month. ETH is anticipated to touch $6999 by the end of the year.
Ethereum price is expected to commence from $7400 in 2028. It may soar to $8000 within the first half of the year, and price predictions show a slow movement after this. By the year-end, it may reach $8933.
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Ethereum price predictions have anticipated a commencement at $9900 and may hike to $10000 within the first quarter. It may reach $10050 by the first half of the year, and the maximum ETH value is predicted to touch $10830 by the year-end. The price growth is expected at a very slow rate for the year 2029.
With more adoption, partnerships, and technical upgrades, the price of Ethereum would grow significantly; the maximum price of Ethereum may reach $17925 by the end of 2030. If everything goes well, we can expect an average ETH price will be around $14600.
Ethereum is listed on almost all exchanges, such as Coinbase, WazirX, Binance, Kucoin, Upbit, and many more.
Fundamental analysis of the project and Expert opinions from wallet investors and other price prediction websites are bullish on the token. ETH has long-term earning potential, so for the long term. The above article is for information purposes. Traders have to do their own research and take proper investment advice before investing in the coin.
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“text”: “Fundamental analysis of the project and Expert opinions from wallet investors and other price prediction websites are bullish on the token. ETH has long-term earning potential so for the long term. The above article is for information purposes. Traders have to do their own research and take proper investment advice before investing in the coin.”

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