iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, the rumored next-generation iPads, are expected to be unveiled on October 15. As the release date approaches closer, we’re seeing new leaks frequently.

While the next-gen iPad, the iPad 5 has made several appearance, a new hands-on video has appeared on the web featuring Space Gray iPad 5, and Apple might have decided to retire the Smart Cover.

iPad 5 is likely to follow the innovations of iPhone 5S colors like aluminum, champagne aka gold and space gray. In the video, the comparison among the various covers of the tablet, shot and edited by Unbox Therapy reveals and confirms the facts about impending iDevice.

Gold iPad Mini 2
Gold iPad Mini 2

As expected, it’s confirmed that the new aesthetic style of the tablet will inherit the features of iPad Mini in more harmonious way but with small size bezel, while maintaining the same 9.7-inch display.

In the video above, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy compares the internal structure of the iPad 5 casing to that of the iPad 4. Notably, in iPad 5 the aluminum frame is paired with a white front panel and the Space Gray will come with black bezel. In addition, the Apple logo eventually, will have a very elegant mirror alike finish.

Beyond aesthetics, there are other elements that draw attention of the bodywork. The first is the size of the Home key — the hole in the frames suggests the absence of the new Touch ID sensor ID on the new tablet. Additionally, the casing no longer installs the magnet on hinge portion to attach the Smart Cover so that we might see a smarter alternative in the future or maybe Lewis may have gotten hands on this prototype or shell before the production in works. Hence the Cupertino plans are far from definitive, and we will know more when Apple will unveil its new iPads later this month.