Nokia’s maps and navigation service, HERE has tweaked its mapping service, in which users no longer have to download the entire map of a state or a region, but only those roads and other updated map features will be downloaded in incremental updates. Currently, only Windows Phone 8 users will be benefited, and maybe followed by other platforms later.

The incremental updates reduce data to be downloaded and the time, and users will always have updated maps on their smartphone. Finnish manufacturer was the first to introduce vector maps on smartphones, and the only ones to offer a true offline location experience. Now Nokia is taking maps and navigation experience to the next level.

So far, those who used HERE Maps, and wanted to install an update, had to download the entire map. Then if the user wanted to move from one country to another, he was forced to download more gigs of data. HERE has decided to simplify the way you get new offline maps. Now, when an update will be available, you just require to download only the new features or roads that have been updated. On average, this means 85-90% less data, and much faster update process and cheaper too. For example, if the user has 1.5 GB of maps on his smartphone, the next expected updates to weigh roughly 216MB.

To check whether incremental updates are available, or user can download the latest offline maps by going to settings > applications > maps > check for updates.

HERE incremental updates will be available for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones running the latest firmware: Amber on Nokia Lumia and GDR2 on the others.