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Pauly Shore Reveals 'Encino Man 2' Talks Are Happening At Disney Plus – ScreenGeek


The Disney Plus streaming service has opened up all sorts of possibilities for exciting new content. This includes sequels, continuations, and reboots of properties that otherwise would’ve probably been left alone. For example, this year we’ll be getting a brand-new sequel to Hocus Pocus decades after the original was released. Now, similarly, it looks like Encino Man 2 could be the next long-awaited sequel to get off the ground.
As revealed by Pauly Shore while speaking with Inverse, discussions have indeed happened about Encino Man 2. Specifically, the plan would be to have it produced as an exclusive film for Disney Plus. Furthermore, he’d return for the project alongside other original cast members Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser.
As he explained:
“I know Disney+ is talking about possibly doing the sequel. If they want me to do it and the script was right and Brendan and Sean were on board and it made sense, I would do it for the fans! It’s what [screenwriter] George [Zaloom] has been working on. So ask him about it.”
Screenwriter George Zaloom then continued to add the following statement:
“If you ask me ‘Is there going to be another Encino Man?’ — I don’t know! I’m not going to say yes. I’m not going to say no. We may be pleasantly surprised.”
It certainly proves that Disney Plus is loaded with the potential to revitalize and explore a number of brands, no matter how unpopular or obscure they might be. Of course, the original Encino Man has become a major cult classic over the years. Aside from the appeal of nostalgia, there’s a great cast involved with stars like Brendan Fraser and Megan Ward. So knowing that Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, and Sean Astin are all eager to return for a continuation is definitely exciting news for fans.


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