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If you are running in a circle almost every single day, there will it won’t be fun to run consistently daily. Changing or trying different running routes is one of the best ways to improve your daily run, making you run better each time.
Running to different places offers you a nice view, like grueling hills, a water fountain or city view. It’s good to switch it up for a change once in a while, but finding a new running route seems to be easier said than done.
No worries, we spoke to three avid runners who love to run to different locations and how it keeps them motivated to run their daily run.
Bio: Singaporean, 38 years old, Sports Host/Producer/TV Presenter
John used to represent his school in track and field and X-country before he moved overseas at the age of 15. Subsequently, he did not restart running until after he retired from football. He was a competitive footballer for over 20 years in Canada and Singapore.
After retiring from football, with no regular training, he needed a cardio source and turned to running. He used to hate it but has grown to love it in recent years, as it also became an outlet to disconnect from work and a hectic schedule.
He also made many new friends in the running community – from running with running groups, to profiling runners for his work, working with running events and in other sports content.
John: My retirement from life as a semi-pro footballer. With no regular training, I needed an alternative cardio source. And working at Sports Hub back then, I had some gorgeous running routes right at my doorstep.
John: I currently run about 3 times a week. My frequency has dropped from last year, which was about 5 times a week. I usually rotate around 5-6 different running routes that I like, from road running to trail running.
John: I am a sucker for running at scenic places. Running in circles can be so boring! I have a few favourite places, but undoubtedly the loop around Marina Bay, Tanjong Rhu, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Sports Hub is my favourite! It’s about 12.9km.
It is special because I have spent most of my recent years running in this location, with my closest friends and the people I care about. 
John: I go to MacRitchie Reservoir on Sunday mornings for trail running with friends from Superhero Runners, just to mix it up a bit, and I also feel it is better at helping me build endurance.
If I am in the mood for slopes, then definitely one of my favourites is Southern Ridges up to Mount Faber via Henderson Waves or Pierce Reservoir, and sometimes Fort Canning; and then there are other favourite routes I have, such as Labrador Park and a 10km loop I have from Tanglin through Clark Quay and Orchard Road.
John: Running has become a way of life for me. I really can’t imagine a week of my life without running – especially since COVID-19 hit and we haven’t been able to travel. Running has become more than just exercise, training or keeping fit. It’s a creative way of helping me explore new areas in Singapore as well.
You can follow John on Instagram: @thejohnyeong
Bio: Malaysian, 29 years old, Sr. Inside Account Manager
Hugo has more than 10 years of running experience, and he has been getting serious about running for the past 2 years. Now he trains six days a week, with a weekly mileage of around 70km.
The best running memories he had was when he joined the Penang Round the Island Relay event. In that event, they needed to form a team of twelve runners to finish a relay for a total distance of 72.6 km.
With some amateur runners and running enthusiasts in the team, it’s all about unity and teamwork plays. With strong beliefs, they were able to finish the race within the set cut-off time.
Hugo: I started running when I was 17 years old, and I always dreamed of completing a half-marathon or even a full-marathon event since I was a kid.
Hugo: I ran six days a week, and I do run in two to three different places to train every week.
Hugo: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I loved running in Putrajaya because I could attempt my time trial at nearly flat-course or go to Taman Saujana Hijau for a rolling hills course as training.
Hugo: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I train almost every day in Taman Desa at the place I stay. Fortunately, I still can train for the speed workout and easy runs here.  
Hugo: Running teaches me that I’m much more capable than I ever imagined. In addition, I do encourage running with a group because it can help you stay motivated and focus on running so we all can grow stronger together. 
You can follow Hugo on Instagram: @runner_hugo
Bio: Singaporean, 38 years old, Business Owner
Sofie has a love-hate relationship with running. When she first started running seven years ago, she could barely run for ten minutes without struggling to breathe.
It’s been a long journey but a fulfilling one, as today she is part of two amazing run communities that she now calls family: adidas Runners and The High Panters. Running has taught her patience, dedication and given her friendships for life she is grateful for.
Sofie: My mentor is Eugene Lim. I started running so I could become fitter and more “body kong,” so he wouldn’t look at other girls.
Today, being part of the adidas Runners family and The High Panters family inspire me to keep running. Whether it’s completing my first 21 km in 2019 or improving my 10 km and 5 km, the community and the people inspire me.
Sofie: I average three to five times a week.  
Sofie: Botanic Gardens! A few of my girlfriends and I started hitting 6:30 am runs at Botanics since mid-2020, and it’s a special location for me because it’s a time of bonding with the girls and a commitment that I have learned to appreciate. Also, Botanics has so many areas to explore; I particularly love the Learning Forest. 
Sofie: I think it doesn’t really matter where you train but who you train with and enjoying and trusting that process. 
Sofie: Family, friendship, commitment and community. 
You can follow Sofie on Instagram: @so_fieeee
Have you discovered any new places or locations to run? If you do, feel free to share the location with us in the comments below.
Botanic Gardens! Botanics has so many areas to explore; such as the Learning Forest. Other favourite running places are Southern Ridges up to Mount Faber via Henderson Waves or Pierce Reservoir, and sometimes Fort Canning.

There are other favourite running routes in Singapore such as Labrador Park and a 10km loop from Tanglin through Clark Quay and Orchard Road, loop around Marina Bay, Tanjong Rhu, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Sports Hub.
Asphalt Roads: Pavements are your best option; after all, they’re made for foot traffic. If they don’t exist, pick safe, flat, traffic-free stretches that have plenty of space on the shoulder so that you can step to the side to avoid oncoming traffic. 

Trails: This softer surface can be great if you’ve struggled with overuse injuries like runner’s knee, illiotibial-band syndrome (ITBS), or shinsplints.

Treadmill: The belt’s cushioned surface reduces stress to your back, hips, knees, and feet. But they aren’t ideal because the belt keeps you on pace even when your energy fades. So be sure to add some workouts outside. 
> Always keep on the left of the track and be aware of other users around
> Be careful when crossing the road especially in front of an approaching cyclist/vehicle who require more distance to slow down and stop
> Stay on the sidewalk or shoulder of a road
> If running in low light, wear bright-coloured and/or reflective clothing so others are able to see you more clearly
> Plan your outing. Always tell someone where you are going and when you will return
> Stay alert at all times. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are
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