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Amazon to release a set-top-box for year-end holiday season


Amazon is likely to release its first set-top-box code-named “Cinnamon,” a device similar to Roku, in stores for the coming holiday season. Amazon aims the set-top box to compete with the top content providers like the Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast released in late July.

Recently, the CEO Jeff Bezos had anticipated that they would expand the company’s portfolio of hardware. Currently, Amazon is selling products like Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets while also preparing its first Kindle Phone, which won’t arrive until 2014 and the set-top box.

According to close sources to Jeff revealed to WSJ, it will be a small device like Roku’s set-top box and able to run apps, games and other content of third parties. It will also serve as a vehicle for the existing Amazon’s Prime video subscription service and library — available to customers, however, recently being expanded.

In recent weeks, Amazon has contacted numerous multimedia app developers and distributors of cable TV, in search of potential partners for the launch of the set-top-box. As per reports, the home of Seattle would have given period of mid-October as the deadline for submission of apps that may work with the device. It seems that the Seattle-based retail giant is focusing on developing an app for smartphone and tablets that could control the set-top-box rather than dedicated remote control for the set-top-box.

It’s not yet clear whether the device — in the pipeline — will be a part of the product range, Kindle; in addition, Amazon has recently registered the trademark “Firetube” and it could be the name of the upcoming product.

Whether it will be a part of Kindle, but the services of Amazon will be strengthen all the way, in particular Prime, available today in the form of subscription which costs 79 dollars per year and provides thousands movie and TV show streaming, as well as other services. Consequently customers would have access to not only a huge selection of original content, but to games and third-party app in the future.

Contacted in this regard, Amazon didn’t confirm the release date of the set-top box, as well as the pricing for sale. However, considering Amazon’s strategy applied to their own devices — such as the Kindle and Kindle Fire — the set-top-box may come on the market at a low cost compared to the Roku set-top-box for $50 and the Apple TV for $99.

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