One of the hottest topics in the smartphone era, after IFA 2013, is Nokia’s forthcoming flagship of the Lumia lineup, the Lumia 1520.

We all know that the 1020 is just four months old, though for an unexplained reason, Nokia’s launch-schedule is rather odd. More specifically, the 1020 was announced on July 11th.


Since its onset, the Lumias haven’t really seen any major hardware integration. Hence we presume that the Fin Company will keep the trademarked design of the product line. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a downfall for the device. Like its predecessors, the Lumia 920, 900, 800, 1020 and starting with the N9, the Nokia Lumia 1520 will exhibit the signature colored unibody polycarbonate shell with glossy and matte finishes, which feels premiere in the hands.


According to purported images, which reportedly suggest that the handset will indeed share a striking resemblance with the 920, the 1520 will be heavier compared to the 1020. The 1020′s massive weight was mainly attributed to the gigantic 41MPix sensor embed on the back. Though, albeit having a normal camera size, the 1520 will be the first device in line to feature a tablet sized screen and dimensions. Substantially bigger even compared to the 5.5-inch LG Optimus G Pro (150.2×76.1×9.4mm).

Specifications and Software

Overall, the Lumia line isn’t renowned for its spec sheet, besides its camera(s). The soon to be former flagship, 1020, features a dual-core chip clocked at 1.2GHz – though it is powerful enough for Windows Phone, an OS with no intensive system requirements.

Well it appears that the 1520 will be the change and bring unprecedented specs on the table. The handset will feature Qualcomm’s most powerful and latest-gen chip, the Snapdragon 800, which showcases four cores clocked at 2.3GHz. Alongside we’ll see an updated Adreno 330 GPU delivering up to 50% increase in graphics performance and Support for advanced graphic and compute APIs, including OpenGL ES 3.0, DirectX, OpenCL, Renderscript Compute and FlexRender. Recent reports also state that the 1520 will be bumped up with at least 2 gigs of memory – hope for potential 3GB RAM is also maintained. In terms of internal storage, the upcoming device will be packing 32GB, non-expandable.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Based on the chips’ specs, the phone’s camera will shoot at 21MPix with PureView technology under the hood – the 800 is limited to this amount of megapixels — including stereoscopic 3D and Dual Image Processors for simultaneous camera/video. Ultra HD – 4K – video capturing is a plausible scenario as well.

The device will also be the first of the line up to surpass the 5-inch screen size, featuring 6. The AMOLED display of the 1520 will certainly be full HD. It is also less likely to run at 2560×2048 – since the Snapdragon 800 is compatible up to that res. Let’s just put it on the back burner for this generation though. To run the juice, Nokia reportedly will implement a 4,000 mAh battery.

Beside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE support, the handset will be included with a USB 3.0 import for super-fast file transferring.

And finally, software wise the 1520 will obviously ship with the latest iteration of the Microsoft mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8. A relatively distinguishing difference in Windows Phone for the 1520 will be the fact that duly to size, the start screen will have an extra live tile column, and thus it can now fit three per row.

Pricing and Availability

The king of Windows Phone will be announced at Nokia’s October 22 event and launch on November 11th.

Nokia Event Oct 22


The phone will set you back $649 – around 580-600 euros – for its off contract price. We can’t say much for the on-contract price as all we know is that it will be under AT&T’s network for $199 plus locking yourself with a two year contract.


  1. Very informative piece. I think all the intel given is pretty accurate. Like you said, the second display resolution scenario IMHO is short of implausible. It is kind of a downfall that it will feature less amount of megapixels compared to its predecessor, but hey I can live with that. Keep doing these rumor round ups of upcoming devices, love them. The nexus 5 one is the reason why I now visit the site daily.

  2. Hi,
    I take this when Microsoft put the real Windows X86 in this 1520.
    When Microsoft understand this, the difficulty start for Android.
    Sorry for my English
    Eric of France

  3. A phone with these specs!! I’ll definitely buy it, I never bought a lumia because of the small screen but with a screen that big, it would be a great experience.

    The only thing that I still hate about Windows Phone is the lack of availability of apps, they don’t even have a proper file manager app for it.

    Thanks for a detailed roundup

  4. “In terms of internal storage…non-expandable.” If this is true, you just lost me. I have heard rumors that there will be space for a micro-sd card. I hope that’s true. I won’t buy a phone without expandable memory.


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