A totally new and surprising iPhone prototype images have been leaked over the internet. This new iPhone Prototype does not seem to be a new device because believe it or not, it has a big screen size with dimensions 5” x 7”.

We have seen a lot of iPhone prototype images in the past. The internet has always provided us with all the information that has ever been leaked regarding the iPhone. What we see now is totally out of the ordinary. The iPhone prototype images seem to be of the time before the first ever iPhone was released in the year 2007.

These photos are said to be from early 2005 when Apple was is in the process of making a new smart device that would take over the world. These images were given to Ars through a former Apple employee who has worked on various Apple hardware projects in the early years including the time when Apple was working on the first ever iPhone. It is clear that he had access and exposure to a lot of early iPhone work that was done in those years and must also know a lot about this prototype. He did not give out his name as it would create a lot of problems for him if Apple knew what he has done.

This early prototype has a considerably large display and a number of ports which were commonly used on computers at that time. These include USB ports, Ethernet port and a serial port as well. Of course, the company had no intentions of bringing to you a device that would have all these ports so you could use them on a regular basis. The reason why Apple put all these ports in there is because this was a prototype device and these ports make it easier and faster to work on the device and test it. But there ‘might be’ a chance that Apple actually wanted you to have these ports but we will never know if that is true.

A lot of hardware present on this prototype resembles or is related to the hardware present on the first iPhone. Of course, we are happy that the final product turned out to be much more compact and integrated but it was this prototype that started the story.

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